I cannot believe this argument is still going on. 1. Be...

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I cannot believe this argument is still going on.

1. Be careful, there's Wikipedia which tends to have more valid information and than there's Wikianswers which tends to be full of junk. Information on both of these can be misleading, but most of Wikianswers tend to come from people who have no clue. So, find some history books to validate and support whatever information you read on the net. And, read more than one or two so that you can compare the information from those too.

2. Latino is not a term that people of the Caribbean created for themselves.

The word came from Westerners, in particular Spain.

It was used to identify those islands in the "new world" that were conquered by the Spaniards.

It later came to be understood as those nations that have Latin root languages.

That is why Jamaica for example is not considered as part of Latin America.

3. Lately, the Big white man in America have been trying to change the concept of Latin-Americans for their own purposes.

They now have such a huge Latin-American population in their country that they are desperately trying to disconnect the Latin-American people from the black racial groups.

However, you need to remember that this is a recent change.

Their attempt to turn Latin-Americans into White-Americans is base on a numbers game. It's all about whites not becoming a minority in the US. You must remember that just ten to fifteen years ago White Americans did not make a difference between a light skin Latin-Americans and a dark one. To them they were all niggers (even when they did not say it openly).

3. Regarding Haitian nationality and race.
Again it seems to me that you guys should just READ A LOT MORE. Haitian national identity is actually connected to their race. This is because in the old constitution, the one written by Dessaline, it stated that only Haitians could own property and that all Haitians were Negroes, so to own land in Haiti one had to be Haitian and if you were Haitian you were a Negro.

So all Haitians who owned land in Haiti were basically considered black regardless of how light their skin was. So in Haiti, unlike any other place in the world at that time, being black was a plus. This is completely changed today and that is why so much racism exist in Haiti today.

During my last trip there, I heard some children actually comparing their skin tone and competing for whom had the lightest skin. They get that from their parents.

All other nations are progressing, we just keep regressing.

Linda, April 26 2009, 1:42 PM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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I cannot believe this argument is still going on. 1. Be careful, there's Wikipedia which tends to have more valid... read more >
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Linda, 24-Jun-09 12:56 pm
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