Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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Latino Is Not A Look Or A Physical Appearance! It Has Nothing To Do With Skin Color Or Anything Of The Sort! It Pertains To Language Only! As For Your Absurd And Ignorant Statement Declaring That "[Latino Caribbeans... Billy 05/08/2008
Being Haitian Only Pinpoints You As To Being From An Independent, Precise And Self Sovereign Estate. Haitian Is Not A Race Since Race Usually Is Determined By The Region That You Are From. Much Like You Have... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/08/2008
Well Good Luck With That Theology...Haitians Are Not Latinos...Don't You Know Your History..What Were Haitians Even Called Before The Word Latino Was Made...Latinos Were Called Hispanics By United Goverment..Were... Hatianpride 05/08/2008
Haiti Or Haitians Are Not Latinos Because They Have Helped Those Other Nations, You Stupid Idiot. They Are "Afro-Latinos Given And Granted The Region Where Haiti Is Locating At, The Language (Yes, Both French And... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/08/2008
That Can Be Disputed...But That Subject Still Does Not Make Haitians A Latino People..United States Help Kuwait N Iraq Become Free Countries..Does That Make Those People Americans..Not By A Long Shot..Dominican... Latino 05/07/2008
Exactly, You Are Right Steeve And To Add... Much Of The South American Freedom Would Not Have Taken Place Had Haiti Not Provided Its Help To Simon Bolivar Who Later Turned Around And Betrayed Haiti. Unfortunately... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/07/2008
Oh Yeah By The Way My Wife Is Colombian And I Am Haitian. We Were Both Born In The US And Know The Historical Connection Between The Two Countries. Before Any Other Nation Became Free From European Rule (Following The... Steve 05/07/2008
By The Way, There Is A Correction I Must Make. Given The Lack Of Knowledge I Had Regarding The Recent Latin-American Presidential Summit That Took Place In The Dominican Republic When I Thought Haiti Was Not There. I... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/06/2008
Thank You For Having Explained That To Them So Perfectly Clear. The Reason Why Haitians Are Latinos Is Due To The Fact That The Region Itself Is Called Latin America And Haiti Is Part Of The Latin American Countries... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/06/2008
You Are Foolish Into Thinking That No One On THIS SIDE Of The The World Is Considered An American. Yes There Are Different Countries But The All Reside In THE AMERICAS. People Tend To Forget That And Assume That Coming... Steve 05/06/2008