Rene Preval And Jean-Louis Debre

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Picture of Haitian President Rene Preval

Entretien du Président de l'Assemblée nationale, M. Jean-Louis Debré, avec M. René Préval, Président de la République d'Haïti

jeudi 29 juin 2006


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Lanj says...

I am so sad to hear what Linda says about the president of her own country.

QUO VADIS HAITI! Yes Lindda you have a very good education you have class and you have gutts.

But what do you do with the conscience of the Haitian people?

What respect do you have for your relatives in Haiti who sacrificed themselves risking their lives to go early in the morning just to provide the country for that very person you deny a class, an education etc. Anyway you owe us some apologies for we all have voted him. Do you condemn the Nation for having voted somebody just because that somebody sefuse to walk in your sleeves.

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Linda says...

even the way he sits is pathetic.

It is so sad that Haitians have to be represented by an individual who has no class, no dignity, no backbone, no social presence or skills what's so ever. It all shows in the way he sits. His posture is that of a beggar, not that of a head of state.

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Zachary says...

Keep up doing the good work president, we love you

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Jeudy Roosevelt says...

Ce n'est pas Jean-Louis Debre qui est avec le président Preval, c'est Jacques Chirac le président d'alors.

Prière de rectifier l'erreur.


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