May God the almighty bring his peace, love, and change to...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - May 13 2011, 12:14 PM

May God the almighty bring his peace, love, and change to Haiti with the Governement of President Martelly; We know that many obstacles that he will be faced ahead; by the power of God We shall be victorious.

Jean Pierre Alexander, Thank you very much for the information that you have provided to all bloggers; hoping there are many that will follow the lead and deicide to take the stand for the progress of Haiti.

Many people will watch the service wich I call Miracle Prayer meeting; Haiti will feel and see the difference and the change that many are anger waiting to experience the new Haiti whre as all Haitians must have the equal freedom and access to the basic needs.

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The order of thing in Haiti in April 2011.

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