RE: The Dumbest And The Most Idiotic Ruling/Vote Of The Century!

Agent-X Says...

I am not against the Martelly government yet. If he manages to do positive changes to Haiti, I will be among the first one to emphasize the progress that are being made under his administration.

Trust me on that. However he was handpicked by Washington under the make believe process of election in Haiti.

Why Ms Clinton made an emergency trip to Haiti that Sunday especially during a major holiday to make sure that Celestin was removed as a candidate and to put tete kale instead.

Such action is highly questionable and aroused my suspicion about the American imperialistic motives and selfish reasons.

Martelly according to my researches is pro-macoute, pro-Duvalierist, pro-death Squad, anti-freedom of press, pro-militarist, pro-mulatres or mulettes.

Thus, let's wait for the next 184 days to see if the press will enjoy the same freedom as they benefited during the Preval administration or whether the member of the Haitian press will be hiding, exiled or will be in jail or will be kill by the death squad he intended to put in place.

What will be the criteria to get a job in the Martelly government?

Will Jean Claude Duvalier be judged for crime against humanity as demanded by the international community?

Remember the Duvalier regime killed over 100,000 Haitians.

Jean Claude is not responsible for all of them but he is responsible for a few hundred deaths.

Will the new Government demand that the USA should return La Navassa to Haiti?

Will he allows USA military base in Haiti?

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