Agent X, God forbid, Haiti is not for sale to anyone. The fact...

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Agent X, God forbid, Haiti is not for sale to anyone.

The fact the plan are not yet in motion, but let's just keep our eyes open and denounce any activities that is not in our interest.

Haitians are not like 30 years ago.We are so many with knowledge nowadays and i am sure we will not let any vilain crash our country with its resouces.

Our common goal is to serve our country.

That's why from now one the new president will be accountable for any wrong movement and the welfare of the country.

Believe me i will be the first one to cast the stone on him in case is not in Haiti guide line.
He have a strait guide line to follow and the people will watch him very close.

Right now i am giving him full support and my best.
He is a good listener so far, tomorrow will be his first day at work for us all, today is his last day of freedom.

I will have him work like a mule for the country.

Remember Haiti is on his knees.


Jean Pierre Alexandre, May 13 2011, 5:04 PM

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Agent X,God forbid,Haiti is not for sale to anyone. The fact the plan are not yet in motion,but let's just keep our... read more >
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 13-May-11 8:49 pm
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