Entirely agree with you point of view; why listed one person...

Pastor Rivle Dumaine Dr. - May 2 2011, 11:08 PM

Entirely agree with you point of view; why listed one person and left aside the crooks, the mater minds of the criminals.

There is a great difference between a terrorist and those many dictators, anarchist, that wanted to destroy their people for the sake of power.

It must be a great mistake to compare those people with the master mind and the most wanted people in the whole world.

I just checked the FBI and CIA most wanted People; these names are not included.

I promised not to speak on this subject anymore and I must respect that. Let Justice make it course.


I have a strong message for all who committed crimes against their own people.

You can run; never can hide; you will be flushed out and eaten by the bird of the sky. You are dealing with the Sheriff of the world.

If they need you they come to get you. There is no way out. Leaders around the world please take and learn this lesson; I am a prophet of God; you must be next; before they coming; call them and ask for forgiveness maybe you will have a chance.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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