Your assertions are wrong against Toulimen and I am not...

Toulimen Legrand - April 25 2011, 7:49 PM

Your assertions are wrong against Toulimen and I am not searching for any job at all. I have supported Martelly because I believed that he would win based on his popularity and the support from the rich conservative Haitian Elites.

Who can prevent the rich people in Haiti and again with the Haitian Tea Party as known as Peasants' Response from electing a president in Haiti?

I studied Haitian history and I learned things from the past about the Peasants' Response and that is why I supported Martelly at the right time. I don't need a job from him and he knows that Toulimen does not need political job too. He has respect for me and for my analysis of the Haitian events, but I am not asking him to appoint me at any position at all.

I need to be in Haiti to empower some Haitians to improve their lives and that's all I need and I had turned many job offers down because I am not willing to work under this current Haitian Statu with only 5% of competent and honest Haitians within those public institutions.

Haiti needs to change its statu quo before Toulimen can work for any Haitian government ok. May the Almighty One help you have some respect toward others and common sense before accusing them!

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Hello every body toulimen is simply Martelly that was...


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