They tried to scare me about eight /8 months ago; They are the...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 20 2011, 1:49 PM

They tried to scare me about eight /8 months ago; They are the elites that have been worked with the international mafia and they hire some few criminal and hit-man to do the dirty jobs for them. Alright then, we know what is the problem just stay still in the fight because these criminals will do anything to get power in Haiti; all bloggers use your freedom of expression guarantees by the International law, and the USA never and never use threat neither menace words that can interpret against you.

Other than that No one dare to tell you what to do unless you are in China and North Korea.

If the blog owner wants to blog people IP then he needs to move to China or North Korea now and not tomorrow.

We might never agree on everything, but you are interesting in the blog don't let nobody play you out. The revolution is coming peacefully and in lovely way to deliver Haiti and all Haitians if those who don't want freedom for Haitians are anti-and must anbake.Toulimen, We are with you till you are with us.

This is where I stand, so Help me God.

I Preach a theology of Revolution against social, economic, educational, and religious injustice around the world.

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Pastor Dumaine, I don't give up to the fight ok. The...


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