Pastor Dumaine, I don't give up to the fight ok. The blog...

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Pastor Dumaine, I don't give up to the fight ok. The blog owner blocks my IP and I cannot read anything I post. As a CIA spy, he is compiling a file for me. He assigns a code number with my IP and he has already contacted my IP provider too. I am working with a lawyer to bring him to justice for infringing my first amendment right.

I cannot give up to a fight that is greater than myself.

Agent X, Commandante B1, Global Vision Response, Pierre F. L'Herisson et al are all the names used by the blog owner to fade out stories on this blog. This is a CIA-Mercantile Haitian Elites' blog so be very careful.

They are criminals and they don't want the truth to be heard ok. Haiti will never be better if we cannot silent those skunky people.

They are the charognards of humanity and they need to be kept under control.

They are the ones in Haiti who are financing the kidnappers on behalf of the U.S.CIA to keep the Haitian Diaspora out of Haiti as well as restoring the Haitian Army so the U.S. government could sell its guns. They have to create troubles, kill people and corrupt others so we can see the need of restoring the Haitian army. Once, the arm deal package gets signed, the CIA and the Mercantile Elites of Haiti will stop killing.

Haitians need unity to overcome this sort of oppression, for we cannot stay oppressed people forever.

Our ancestors overcame the worst type of oppression ever with the power of their machetes like Rwanda in 1990. We can unite ourselves to continue to fight oppression once we can identify all the oppressors.

What people need to know an army will exist to protect the interests of the rich against the poor and never to move poor people forward.

I am not against the restoration of the Army in Haiti, but we must do so the U.S.CIA, the mercantile elites and the old Haitian soldiers aligned with new kidnappers and MINUSTAH would stop killing Haitian people.

They are all working together to maintain pressure on the Haitian government to get an arm contract's deal signed and Preval had resisted but Martelly should make them happy if he wants to restore Haitian images overseas.Like Rev Jessee Jackson argues it the United States must stop destroying Haiti and that's what all Haitians want. Take care my friend! May the Almighty One bless you all!

Toulimen Legrand, April 20 2011, 1:16 PM

Topic: Il Ne Faut Pas Quitter Le CIA Blog Pour Ces Voyous

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Agent x,case close. Ti vakabon sal ras aristid ak preval "good for nothing". read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 20-Apr-11 7:30 am
I really believe that your are stronger than Toulimen who let this movement go like that so easy. Anyone can see this... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 20-Apr-11 12:17 pm
Pastor Dumaine, I don't give up to the fight ok. The blog owner blocks my IP and I cannot read anything I post. As a... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 20-Apr-11 1:16 pm
They tried to scare me about eight /8 months ago; They are the elites that have been worked with the international... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 20-Apr-11 1:49 pm
Your assertions are wrong against Toulimen and I am not searching for any job at all. I have supported Martelly... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 25-Apr-11 7:49 pm
Toulume and Michel Martelly are working for the CIA read more >
Ernst Babo, 25-Apr-11 8:04 pm
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