Could we trust a crackhead with the treasury or Dracula with the blood bank

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People that smoke crack, cocaine and taking other so called recreational drugs may appear well for a short period of time but will eventually succumb to temptation when monies, opportunities and ambiance are present.

The question is:Will you trust a crack head with your cash register or Dracula with the blood bank?

Who will be watching the watchers knowing that their foreign protegees are user too.

Phony Detox Concern, April 26 2011, 3:33 PM

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Phony Detox, You really need to go to reah for a complete and total detox, because you need it. You cannot trust a... read more >
Tiba, 26-Apr-11 3:49 pm
What Preval has to do with this topic. I am talking about the universe of drug addiction which has nothing to do with... read more >
Taba Aba, 26-Apr-11 4:45 pm
This site conducted more blogger arrests than the other sites. It is not the first time that Tiba was arrested on this... read more >
Lucien Dupervil, 26-Apr-11 4:55 pm
The crack and cocaine users in Haiti are usually the mulattoes that lives in Delmas, Petion... read more >
Ade Response, 26-Apr-11 5:04 pm
You are wrong again,drugs are in every hands that wanted it in Haiti. Vole'e boyo. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Apr-11 7:47 pm
Granted.However the ti bourgeois like you are more inclined to sins,vices,corruption and have more monies to spend... read more >
Knight Absolute, 26-Apr-11 8:10 pm
Whow!!! Is this all you guys can do, call each other names? Why can't all of you stop the negativity just long enough... read more >
Linda, 27-Apr-11 10:14 pm
Hey Jean Pierre Alexandre, How is you crackhead friends.we want you to denounce them to the media. read more >
Lamatiniere Honorat, 27-Apr-11 11:51 pm
Ignorant bastard,I am here to denounce the ennemies of Haiti only. Thieves,criminals,corruptions,babies... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 28-Apr-11 8:07 am
To be or not to be. Will you trust a crack head with your cash register? If not then why the American are doing it to... read more >
Defense Minister, 29-Apr-11 12:35 am
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