Agent X, you are a comedian and funny; you make me laugh like...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 21 2011, 8:59 AM

Agent X, you are a comedian and funny; you make me laugh like the Aristidiens or Lavalassiens, Prevalist, and Duvalierist when they smell the money they kept on talking to rally the people behind them to stay in power.

I checked on your blog every time and then; you are getting closer to revolution that prophesies over my country.

I respect your opinion like in any other civilized countries, but I had rather die than to compromise in the misery of my nation, brothers and sisters around the world.

I am for a full scale peaceful and pacific revolution that will allow the people of Haiti to take back their wealth from Duvalier, Aristide &Aristide, Preval and Preval for not Haitians enough to support the cause Haiti first.

Agent X, the telephone call that you received from Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr. was invitation to enroll you in the revolution movement that you are so afraid of cause you are part of the elites that has kept Haiti in slavery system.

Proverbs: Days go, days come! Hit the dog, but wait for the master.

Agent X, let the ball keeping rolling ; you never know where it is going to fall to bring this revolution.

Mr. Jean Pierre Alexander, God bless your service and thank you participation in bringing freedom around the world.just keep up doing the good job. Toulimen, are you okay?


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr


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