Toulumin unable to catch a sider never mind a web.

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Our cyber commandos have no time to eject from the website light weight like Toulumin and the passgas-flatulence Dr. snake oil salesman.

Toulumin cannot even afford to use a spider to make a web for him let alone to find someone to do it for him even free of charge.

He keeps saying that he is about to start a web site for the last five days but the proof is not in the pudding yet.It is a wishful thinking that is in the Greek Calendar or apres ti poule fait dent.
Soon we will assign him and his colleague passgas-flatulence a zip code to zip their mouths whenever we feel that will be necessary to protect the public from those akwards propagandists and not so intelligent officers or agents.

We will be in an important Mission in Montagne Noire and at Plateau Central, Haiti from April 21st thru May 13th 2011. Upon our return we will read and answer your drivels.

Commando B1, April 20 2011, 12:29 AM

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Some of you in this website are straight nuts! too much delusion of grandeur going on, you folks need to see a shrink! read more >
Jynee, 20-Apr-11 11:26 am


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