So far so Good with Tete Kale

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So far, Sweet Micky, has shown some type of leadership that Haiti is so badly needed.

1) He met with the 3 biggest finacial institutions that will be dealing with Haiti's economy.

2) He has met with some powerful officials that give him full and total support without any pre-conditions.

3) Most importantly I like the tone he is using so far by calling on all Haitians to get to work.
4) He is also using the tone of "Reconciliation" and Unity of all Haitians regardless of their social status, and

5) By opening this probe to get down the bottom of the fraud orchestreted by the greatest Scumbag of all time, Preval, as I had suggested awhile back, Martelly should disban/annul/disolve/get rid of both houses as soon as he took the oath of office if the evil personified, Preval, refuses to reverse his crooket fixation of the legislative elections.

Tiba, April 22 2011, 6:27 PM

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Tiba,you just touch the right button by saying"Disband,melting,crush,demolish,abolish,clean both houses". I will love... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 22-Apr-11 10:53 pm


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