Martelly Should Claim 25% From The Money Transactions' Profits Right Away!

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Tax high all importations of foods and control the customs' activities through good governance to generate revenues as proposed by Jynnee.

One dollar per $100 spent from the Diaspora is nothing and those blood suckers will impose it on their customers.

Martelly should have claim 25% of their profits or close those transfer locations to allow the Haitian National Bank to wire money in Haiti with a small fee. If they refuse to give 25% of their profit for two years, please allow the Haitian National Bank to proceed to wire money for 50% of the prices they charge and many Haitians will use the state services instead of those blood suckers' locations.

We want change please reverse the decision of $1 per $100 sent to Haiti.

You should start collecting money from Haiti first after from the Haitian Diaspora.

You can claim 25% of their profits because it is an easy money to them. If you cannot do that we will stop sending money through all Haitian Transfer Houses and Western Union will be the great beneficiaries of our money transactions' services.

High tariffs on foods' importation and 25% of their profits would give you a lot of money to boost an educational program in Haiti.

The Haitian Diaspora should shut down those money transfer locations in the days ahead by not sending money through them.

People need jobs in Haiti and those blood suckers don't hire a lot of people in those services and that creates a Haitian Diaspora Welfare.

We will end this sort of welfare soon if you refuse to take drastic measures to force them to invest in Haiti and for Haitians so we can stop working as slaves to benefit those blood suckers through easy money.

You should not tax us you should tax them because they are the ones that are destroying Haiti.

We will stop calling and we will stop sending money too. You got that deal through them and we will be the ones paying for them.

I am urging you to ask 25% of their profit or allow the National Bank to wire money at 50% of the prices that they charge and you will get twice of what you are asking them ok. I give you the solution and that easy deal that you got from them would not work and both of you i.e. state and those blood suckers will lose and Western Union will get all the deal ok. I hope that you listen and act promptly.


Toulimen Legrand, April 27 2011, 12:19 AM

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