Your argument about Toulimen is correct especially when you...

Tirpiuoy - April 17 2011, 10:07 PM

Your argument about Toulimen is correct especially when you said "why bother" because Toulimen apparently opted to resignation and defeatism by arguing that the Haitian elites and the CIA are omnipotent and will prevent beneficial changes for the Haitians.

The USA has those agents of intimidation that are trying to suppress dissents by any means necessary by force, by coercion, by canceling your visas, your pay check, destroy your family, reputation or assassinate you. That is why I suspect this boy is a CIA agent who try to intimidate people and instill fears by saying Preval blog administrator has our IP addresses and could send them to the government.

I careless because I already know that you are safer with the government if you talk about God, religion,sports, fashion,pornography, consumerism and drugs.

But they will spy on you the minute you talk about politic and how to reduce or prevent the exploitation of the poor.And, that is being done in the land of the so called freedom of the press, free speech, liberty, democracy.

It is the same people that kidnapped Aristide and prevented democracy for the poor because they believe in freedom and democracy for the rich only. This should not stop Haitians and oppressed people from fighting for their rights.

Every time we use the internet, landline telephone, cellular telephone there is a bunch of spy agencies that could record and translate simultaneously everything we are writing and saying.

One best known agency that have capability to intercept communication in any telephone aroound the world is in USA and the called it National Security Agency-N.S.A. you could Google NSA if you don't believe

There is more than seven thousand agencies in the US alone that are spying on people.

The current Bourik Charge or the Haiti Governor General speaks German, English,French and

He spoke creole very well without accent which is a serious embarrassment for guy like Wyclef Jean that cannot even speak creole.

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