Martelly Intend To Charge $1 More For Every $100 You Send To Haiti

Sebastian Says...

Martelly intend to charge $1 more for every $100 you send to Haiti and 5 cents more for every minutes you talk when you call Haiti.

1)phone in Haiti is already more expensive than in most country
2)Wire transfer in Haiti is already more expensive than in most country
I thought Martelly was going to create jobs so Haitians can work themselves and develop their own country.

But no he wants the poor Haitians leaving in deplorable conditions in Little Haiti to work harder to feed the Haitians back home.
Mr. Martelly how do you expect Haitians to become proud again if they never work?

Zenglendo and kidnapping would stop if they were busy earning a living!

8 millions people on permanent welfare will not lead to progress and the rebuilding of the Haitian's soul

Posted April 26 2011 at 10:29 AM

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Fuchs, I Know The Value Of An Education That's Why I Don't Mind The Dollar Tax. If I Did Not Have An Education And Have A Career Then I Would Think A Dollar Is So Much And I Would Be Bitching About My Kids And How I... Jynee 05/05/2011
Jynee Since You Are A Lawyer 35% Of The 8.5 Million Dollars Will Go To Your Pocket That Is Why You Are Fighting For The Money. Lawyer Do Not Make Money Now. Fucks. 05/05/2011
Fucks, You Do Not A Life Here Because You're Working Hard While Haitians In Haiti Are Playing Dominos All Day,Planning Kidnapping.That Is Not Fair! Sak Fe Yo Pa Bay Yo On Ti Monen Pou Yo Ranmase Fatra Nan PAP. A 9 To 5... Sebastian 05/02/2011
Sebastian, I Don't Think You're In A Position To Talk To Me About Logic Or Education. When You Lack Empathy And Logic, That Make You A Brute. You Show Yourself To Lack Empathy For A Fellow Human Being And You Have Yet... Jynee 05/02/2011
You Are So Right Sebastien. I'm A Single Mom With 2 Kids They Father Claims That He Is A Millionnares In Haiti And Not Even Help Me With The Kids. Im A Mom A Full Time Worker ( 40 To 48 Hours A Week) A Maid As Well As... Friendly 05/02/2011
Let Me Answer This Question For You I Come From The Country Side And I Know The Haitian Reality More Than A Lot Of You On This Web. Why Those Parents Give The Children As Restavek Is Because Those Parents Have A Said... Fucks 05/02/2011
Reality Is Restavek Is Inhuman But That Is The Only Form Of Foster Care A Poor Country Like Haiti Can Give Them. Those Kids Are Not Getting A Better Life Staying With Their Parents. Otherwhise They Will Grow Up To Be... Sebastian 05/02/2011
Jynee You Are Too Emotional To Think Rational And Logical. Why Do You Think In Poor People Funeral's You See Family Members Whaling, Rolling On The Ground.And In Reach People Funeral's They Sob In Tissue? Education... Sebastian 05/02/2011
Sebastian, You Don't Need To Sell Me Your Logic. I Don't Need To See Eye To Eye With You. I Am A Humane Person. Restavek Is Inhumane,Children Are Treated Like Slave. If You Think That's What A Foster Care Is, I Guess... Jynee 05/02/2011
Sebastian,I Disagree With You Restaveck Is Not A Form Of Foster Care In No Condition.It Is A Form Of Slavery,Those Kids Get Beat Up In Regular Basis,Doing Hard Work Nights And Days No School,Their Cloths Dirty,Their... Richelle 05/02/2011