SOS to Dr. Feel Bad--Get rid of Henri-claude Saint-fleur on this blog

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This is an SOS to Doctor Feel Bad. You expertise and intervention are badly needed on this blog. Thanks to your skill, Dessalines the Avenger and Paul G Magloire were put in straight jacket and have been hospitalized against their will to mental institutions.

Now we have another nut that we want to get rid of him from this blog. The guy is perfecto loco and his name is Henri-Claude Saint-fleur
Since you went to Haiti last year to investigate presidential candidate Paul G. Magloire we don't hear from you. We know that you were able to put a muzzle on the month of Magloire and prevented him from taking space on this blog to continue his none sense.

Henri-Claude Saint-fleur claims that SIDA or AIDS or HIV does not exist and it is a scam. He also claims that he "cure" and could eradicate malaria tuberculosis and cancer.

The guy apparent credential is psychologist not Medical Doctor--That makes his above claims more dangerous, a public threat, and a contributing factor to the rapid spread of AIDS since psychologist were not trained as medical doctor and don't know anything about physiology, drugs etc like psychiatrists.

Therefore we need your rapid intervention on this blog to admit this patient against his will to the nearest psychiatric ward.
Doctor Feel Bad we are imploring you to return ASAP on this blog to deliver us from this mental patient.

Dr. Feel Bad if you are alive in Haiti or anywhere in the world, we are asking you for your rapid intervention.

Magdalena Lamercie Perez, May 5 2011, 9:14 AM

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Tatiana, 5-May-11 3:00 pm


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