Western Domination of The World: G-5, G-8 and G-20

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Western domination of the world is achieved through religion, internal divisions, economic exploitation through NGOs and the Red Cross as well as political pluralism.

Before I detail my thesis statement, I would love you to take a look on what is going now in the Arab World and what role does the U.S.CIA aligned with their powerful social network called facebook play into the political equation of the current unrest there.

In Egypt now, politicians are debating about not to let Egypt becoming a new Haiti in the Arab World.

One of their main reasons is our fight to overthrow Baby Doc in 1986 when Mubarak became officially president for life there under faked democratic elections.

They are thinking about our political pluralism which creates a messy state for Haiti by destroying broken etat de droit that we had before.

West dominance could not be achieved without the exportation of its Christianity as a religion.

However, the most Western economic powers are not truly Christian nations although they are Christianity to the rest of the world.

What's wrong with Christianity?

There is nothing wrong with this religion but it has used as a political tool to conquer and divide others.

For instance, in Haiti Haitian missionaries are the ones that are financing criminal gangs to kill the Voodoo priests to achieve their religious political dreams.

They are dividing Haitians all over Haiti and Haitians don't know how to coexist peacefully for a better society.

A good leader needs to create laws that denounce religious domination of any religion and religious fanatism as well. A good leader needs to value all religions and make rules to let them coexist in peace without any ethnic cleansing and political confrontation.

A good leader should always remind all Haitians to know they were and continue to be Haitians before any imported religion won their hearts and minds.

Haitianism must be preached through all faiths and whoever tries to divide Haitians should be expelled in Haiti.

Haitians need to unite to heal themselves from the evilness of the Western culture that sees themselves first than anyone else.

Internal divisions are the tools of the Christian missionaries to conquer Haiti.

They came with their bible to retire in Haiti while conquering the Haitian territory.

The new president states that Haitians must use Haiti as their country to retire after they had done their hard labor overseas.

How can he do that?

When we know our beautiful mountains are conquered by foreign tourists who keep purchasing lands to build their castles and retire in Haiti.

Those tourists mostly occupy the southern part of Haiti including the the far eastern territories.

From Petit Goave through Jacmel and Grande Anse, the green zone of Haiti is occupied by foreign tourists and how can we say we are an independent country when our lands are sold to foreigners to retire in our country?

Should they retire in their country or in our country?

They don't want to retire in their countries because they fear death at the hands of their political leaders who have greater population control over their lives with their biopower dominance.

They refuse to go retire in their sophisticated nursing rooms and hospices to receive the sweet death with chemotherapy treatments and so on. Therefore, they want us to die in those nursing rooms in their place.

We must think about that right now!

Economic exploitation is achieved through those NGOs and Red Cross.

The G-5 countries through the G-20 want to dominate the world with their biopower over human lives.

The creation of genetic diseases, the discovery of DNA and DNA's replication by world chemists and scientists make those countries the most powerful countries on earth and they are all aimed to colonize any countries that refuse abide by their rules.

With the Christianity religion used as weapon to divide many in your country, they know what you think and they can eliminate you in a split second.

Many priests, reverends and not all are working on their behalf as paid CIA agents.

They dispose huge sums of money to create NGOs with the help of those priests and pastors to conquer your country and many of your citizens would see them first as saviours than seeing any of you who wants to protect and save Haiti.

Another great control over you is the Red Cross with its trained technicians to spread secretly viruses all thoughout your country so people can buy their vaccines and their medicines to protect themselves.

This is a huge economic exploitation that we can call biowarfare against Haiti and the cholera virus is a great example of what I am arguing here. How can we get the Red Cross under our control to prevent those diseases from being spread in Haiti?

How can we control the foreign missionaries as diseases' exporters to our soil?

How can we stop biowarfare against us?

I would love you guys to answer me this question.

In the next coming days in Haiti, we should get all foreigners affected in Haiti under our control to prevent them from filming bad images of our country, spreading diseases as well as dividing others.

The last part of our discussion for today, April 24, 2011 with posting number 927864 which I will multiply under three more titles to make all of you read it is political pluralism.

This concept was introduced in Haiti by a famous well known Duvalierist politician in the name of Aubelin Jolicoeur, a journalist of Le Petit Samedi Soir. He was a CIA appointed spy withi the Duvalier's government and he was the one to call for political pluralism to end the Unique Political Party of Jean-Claude Duvalier called CONAJEC (Conseil National D'Action JeanCLaudiste).

From his call, the United States keeps donating money to anyone who is interested in creating a political party to divide us more. They are actually financing 152 political parties whether they are recognized or not. The United States takes a great a pleasure in financing our political mess in Haiti and they will never help us solve this problem.

To do so, I am asking the new president to help creating three strong political parties that will be financed by taxpayers monies in Haiti and not those imperialistic countries and the Haitian parliament should create laws that will require the political parties to disclose their financing sources for any campaign in the country.

Micky, if you are talking about restoring an etat de droit, you should start implementing those solutions to solve the political mess in Haiti.

To conclude, I would say this: The Developped countries as well as the Developping countries would not help you achieve any unity goal to save your country due to the fact they are aimed to exploit your economic resources as well as your human resources.

An effective leader, needs to be aware that the use of religion for internal divisions within a country's boundaries, the biowarfares through the Red Cross technicians and NGOs and the multipartism are the vectors of social injustices and economic exploitations of the Weestern dominance besides drugs, communism and terrorism.

Please read with open mind and provide thoughts.

I want all of you to know everything I have learned while leaving in this country and I don't want to die without passing them on. We must love and cherish our country and all those spy bloggers must be kept under control.

They are dogs period! This posting will be followed by two other postings for better awareness.

First post number is 927864! Beware!

Toulimen Legrand, April 24 2011, 9:59 AM

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Claudia, 24-Apr-11 3:39 pm
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Jynee, 24-Apr-11 6:06 pm
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Toulimen Legrand, 25-Apr-11 9:11 am
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Ti Boss, 25-Apr-11 11:01 am
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 25-Apr-11 1:16 pm
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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 25-Apr-11 2:44 pm
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Sanglots Long Violons De, 25-Apr-11 2:51 pm
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Toulimen Legrand, 25-Apr-11 7:37 pm
So far, all that is being done is that the Americans and Dominicans are busy building factories in the rural areas... read more >
Linda, 25-Apr-11 7:44 pm
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