Sebastien, That's mean only the rich can multiply the earth...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 3 2011, 6:55 AM

Sebastien, That's mean only the rich can multiply the earth?

So God is an asshole by saying go and multiply the earth?

So God deed not want all his children to eat and have an happy life on earth?

Sebas, maybe we are the assholes with no control with our greeds, deceiving,selfishness, careless attitude that why the whole earth is a CHAOS place to be.
We claims that we are the smartest species on this planet, the bees, the ants manage very well.
You cannot control by law reproduction for the poor only.You got it Sebas?

We need to control ourselves naturaly and creates a massive project for the population by educating them the danger, the out come of the situation.

God gives all to us.Our sins on earth spoilled the pact with him.
All Haitians are blinds like bats and we don't used our sonar system to compensate for our blindness my friend.

The so-called smartest one call the unfortuned one, idiots, stupids,uneducated, dunce,ignorant ect stead of helping with good info to boost the weaker one.
I have seeing where Toulimen Legrand don't come direct to help an other blogger when he or she made a mistake, same as Pastor Dumaine, Tiba.
We need to help each other all time, it's your job to keep an eye over your sisters and brothers.

Haiti is our home land since getting off from the slave ships and we will always slaves descendants, you cannot run from that.
My faillure is your SHAME.


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