Haitians my brothers and sisters, President Martelly is right...

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Haitians my brothers and sisters, President Martelly is right to state those who try to stand on the way to stop democracy and justice will be crashed; however the President must tell them jail and incarceration will be the way to stop those who want to bring backward Haiti.

The Senator must believe that a new Haiti is what all true leaders must look for. President Martelly will make great difference from the lavalas with Aristide that was arming gangs and little children to bring chaos and anarchism in the country; The People that voted Senator Lambert into the Legislative must realize that he is for the people, nation, and the freedom that Haitians wanted and wished or He is the enemy against the will of the people.

The President must not follow the root that Aristide took; must never fail to ask the people to vote out any parliament that refuses to let the country move forward.

President Martelly, the Pastor, Dr. BSBA, PI stands with you hundred percent to move Haiti forward; those who stand against the people, democracy, and nation must feel your Navy Seal counter- defensive style of justice bring them dead or alive.

The opposition must be for Haiti or against Haiti for not willing to move forward.

The Legislative must stop all non sense tactics used in the past to stop progress of Haiti, no more game.

The Parliaments are paying big money to represent the people; they must do their jobs or face justice.

President Martelly is not declared War against the Parliament; He makes a great declaration of justice for His country, your country and our country.

Those who love their country will stand with the President; those who are against the country will turn their back against the poverty of their own country; they are not Haitians.

Rev. Rivel Dumaine, Dr. BSBA, PI is welcome the idea of the New President to say long live the rule of law.

President Martelly, this Pastor Rivel Dumaine, an International Counselor for justice for many governments around the world,; listen to my word and advice for there are inspired for your wisdom in the daily governance.

President Martelly, You must stand for Haiti to move forward from mediocrity to excellence, from poverty to richness, from illiteracy to technology.

Senators, Deputies, and many others that stand against those rules of justice and law must face the declaration of justice; you must never be afraid to bring justice without compromise.

We the people are watching and listening to you very closely; we are waiting to see what will be the next move; you must avoid to be the next president that will carried out the messages of the past thieves.

President Martelly, your first step is to introduce a bill of law required a federal panel of investigative agent around the country to catch those thieves and bring them to face justice; there must be no more free ride.

When you are ready to establish this institution give or shoot me a message; the thieves and Haiti will be in deep boil hot water.

I am with you not for a job ; for the liberation, justice of social, economic, and progress.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., May 7 2011, 4:44 PM

Topic: Sen. Lambert say Pres, Martelly Declare War with his talk of Rule of Law!

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