Agent x, you have alot to learn. She is a doctor and our...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 20 2011, 7:19 AM

Agent x, you have alot to learn.

She is a doctor and our soldiers need medical care too, and the money is good, remember aslo i've told you she have alot of kocks every hour :).

Simple clues i gave you like that i did not have to brag about what she does in the navy.
Where is your great IQ's?

Tell your mom for me i will be ready for her, after she show me prooves she is clean of diseases like, HIV and AIDS.
My first born have a master in Bznes management, second one criminal detective (specialize in forensic bla, bla,blah)the third a doctor.

Me, i have the best job in the world a man can have as we speak today i will be inside of a F35's cockpit.

I have my special hobby too.

My wife sorry, nurse.

Response to:

Daughter whereabouts is unknown with all those guys...


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