Sebastien, i have balls to say Haitians are lazy, the worse...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 30 2011, 1:48 PM

Sebastien, i have balls to say Haitians are lazy, the worse part they don't work smart.

Haiti will move forward when we are ready to work like human being, meaning used our head.
Remember when Aristide told them"look up, look down and go get what you want from them".Aristide is the chef of zinglindos, and he proove it to us all.
I was building a house in Haiti, around 10:00AM a group of guys came to me asking me for money because i was builting a big house, and i ask them why, and one of them told me they represent the magistrat to collect cash from guys like me, very arrogant way.So i play cool and i gave each 300 Haitian dollars, but i have two of my guys follows them to their location.

And 2 days later around 9:30 PM i put a lead cap in one.
6 months later another one was kill in Nazon after a robbery in the bank, this time by a detective.

Those guys were lazy and stupid to fuck with me, they look very robust to go and work as mechanics or construction work.
Since Aristide go down like a dog to South Africa, i never heard again anyone get harassment in their construction site in Haiti.


The Country is so poor because Haitians are Lazy

Haitians are Lazy. That is why the country is so poor. Haitians in the diaspora work night and day while Haitians at...

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