Hi commandan 12 it is a shame to hear from you that aristid...

Zozo - April 27 2011, 1:09 PM

Hi commandan 12 it is a shame to hear from you that aristid did not commit crimes.

Aristide was the most criminell alive that have ever live in haiti.

Acoording to some source close to the last.you remimber when their was the fight in the palace under aristide that fight was set up by aristid own cousin and at that moment he got a bullet in his hand.That aristid cousin was the only one he trust to conduct any operation that he wanted.

I will not state his name. comparing to duvalier aristide has his hand on more crimes than any president that ever in the palace.

in the second hand jean-claude was a teenager when he was president.

people have to understand what it mean by a teenager an being in the twenty's these kid has not responsible enough to be a president and jeanclaude left the palace he was 29.very immature age.

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Stanley Lucas Et Les Occupants De Chez Nous

Je me rappelle quand Stanley Lucas avaient appeles l'Armee Francaise a refouler le sol Haitien pour deloger Aristide...

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