Baby doc will not go to the innauguation for reason: le malade immaginaire

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Adult size Baby [bebe grandit] Doc will not attend Sweet Micky inauguration for reason of "maladie immaginaire" according to a source close to the "adult size baby."
Some are speculating that shame may be the reason while other are maintaining that he does not trust Martelly entourage with his drinks and believe a pinga serein might be in the menue.

To make the make believe sickness looks, real, ambulance will be dispatched to his house.Subsequently, crooked doctors will claims that the baby health condition is serious and need immediat hospitalization but he will be released on May 22nd 2011 to celebrate the Duvalierist nostalgia with the Duvalierists thugs and criminals.

News blackout become a modis vivendi in the Aristide camp for obvious reasons.

Aristide is aware that thousand of microphone are planted in his house; his landlines and cellular phones are intercepted manually and by geostationary satellites, thus we were unable to get some info from those usual suspects on this blog that are receiving their pay checks from Virginia.

We were unable to plant our spies in Aristide entourage because they uses hands signal, barking,meowing like cats, and eye blinking among themselves to communicate and they changes the codes every four hours for obvious security reasons.

This has been the biggest cryptanalysis challenge for NSA, for Washington, the Elysee and Ottawa.

They probably will need another Turin to decode Aristide communication.Consequently, we don't know if Aristide will attend the Sweet Micky inauguration.

Vonvon, April 24 2011, 8:19 AM

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