Linda, Toulimen,Pastor Dumaine, Tiba,this is serious problem...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 26 2011, 8:15 AM

Linda, Toulimen,Pastor Dumaine, Tiba,this is serious problem to deal with.
Mexicans complained of severe land contamination and air polutions in their land(borders and other areas).

All cheap lead batteries are made over there, i hope the don't bring these things in Haiti.

Remember our best cultivable land are in those regions.

When your ground is contaminated with lead, that's bad, and it will go to our water table and kids will be contaminated with lead, H2SO4(sulfuric acid).

Plant can absorb lead and super phosphate,(when sulfuric acid desolve certain rocks).

also this is a type of man made fertilizer.

Mexicans complained about environment problem with acid rains and other crap.
Guys, there is no other way to deal with this new problem, unless we ask special law to moniter the environment and put severe fine to any company that violate the law.
My opinion is to use bad lands to built factories only, and bad lands are very rare in Haiti.

Factories, serious side effect if not controlled properly by the gov.
Chemicals are serious bznss.

China for example, next fifty years it will be the most polluted country in the world.

In India, their pride river already pollute with the worse toxic and their rare dolphins are dying slowly due to chemical dumping.

Guys, we need works at home for the population, but remember there is a price to pay if we don't choose the right factories in our land.

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