That will be good for both people. The fear that I have is...

Toulimen Legrand - April 25 2011, 8:41 PM

That will be good for both people.

The fear that I have is maquiladoras or factories built along any countrie's borderline always come with painful rewards if not planned well. Women may be exploited if they are not able to drive themselves to go to work on those maquiladoras.

Drug trafficking activities will increase and more crimes will be committed.

Haitians and Dominicans' pimps would do their best to exploit weak women so we need to remain vigilant so we could become social advocates on their behalf.

Those maquiladoras polluted and continue to pollute so much the border towns of Mexico and the U.S. that the Mexican authorities are asking the United States and Canada to relocate them in the Caribbean World.

People need foods to feed themselves and we cannot prevent them from building those factories there but how are we going to deal with the pollution that will be coming from those factories?

This should be a great concern for both governments to think seriously so the factories will not be there to pollute their territories but to improve others' lives.

It will be a source of cheap labor for U.S. and Canada as they are being asked to relocate their maquiladoras to the Island of Hispaniola.

Will Belladere, Ouanaminthe, Lascahobas, Fort Liberte, Thiotte and Mirebalais to name a few will become Juarez, a crime paradise heaven for drug dealers in Mexico?

Mexico will not renew the maquiladoras' licenses for Canada and U.S. and that is why they are relocating those polluted factories in Hispaniola.

How can we inform the new Haitian on the danger that is coming ahead so they can secure their borders and draft a very good security plan that will address the pollution concerns and any possibility of drug trafficking activities on their territories.

People need to think and think again! It could be good project if both government could address the pollution concerns with the big two North American factories' owners! Good Job Linda and I commend you for bringing the issue on!

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