Past of Non Aggression was signed among the plenipotentiaries...

Agent Xa - April 21 2011, 9:09 PM

Past of Non Aggression was signed among the plenipotentiaries on this blog.

All Quiet On The Western Front.

Agent X has no intention to start any trouble directly or indirectly but will continues to defend himself if under attack by drive by double talk or verbal snipers.

My stealth drones and satellites are equipped with infrared, ultra violet, infra sonic and ultra sonic and sulfur detector from Venezuela that will allow me to detect good and bad spirits.

Too many tragedies occurred in Haiti.The Haitian people have been sad for too long. Medical experts said that laughing plays a therapeutic role in our mental and physical well being.

The jokes don't have to be highly rarefy intellectually, extremely mindless or vulgar or not so intelligent like in the case of Sweet Micki.

I don't know about Martelly jokes yet, They probably will sound smart if he has the ability to read the script from Washington, Ottawa,and Paris[ Elysee]

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She is right you guys are crazy.Yall doing lady's...


Pact of a non-aggression signed in hurry

On 04-20-2011 about 19:20 hour, I received a call from Telephone # 212-221-xxx0. The caller identified himself as...

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Dirty cop,what is your goal? What are you stand for?

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