Robert C, If Haiti will never amount to anything in my...

Tiba - April 29 2011, 5:58 AM

Robert C,

If Haiti will never amount to anything in my lifetime, it would be because of people like you, who keep wishing and always hoping the worst for Haiti because you have the privilege to live in another country that happens to offer you pile of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza and chicken wings to shove down your throat with plenty of red sweet kool-aid to wash it down.

You are those who make up the Uncle Tom Nation.

Haiti has been a disaster long before Jesus Christ came by those you have supported and killed on the behalf.

There is no worse Sweet Micky can do.

To rise from poverty to the top of the ladder in Haiti, is a BIG REALITY most Haitians cannot and will not accept because they are too engulfed with ENVY and JEALOUSY.

Can you people ever compliment other Haitians for their success unless that person is from the elite, the bourgeois?

Can't you see, realize, and understand that the elite, the bourgeois class in Haiti is the dumbest and the most stupid, the most ignorant, the most selfish, and the most despicable people there are on the planet?

It was not for no reason they were referred by the outgoing US-ambassador, "The Most Repugnant Elite." To show and prove their stupidity, they gave the ambassador an big standing novation for calling them that. They are so dumb that they don't know when they get insulted.

You probably need to ask yourself this very simple question "What have you done for Haiti lately?" Is there something you can do?


Martelly this dubious character but let wait and see the outcome

This Sweet Micky potentially is a disaster waiting to happen in every respect but let wait and see if he will deceive...

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