Just coming from church to hear that new about Michel...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 24 2011, 11:03 PM

Just coming from church to hear that new about Michel Martelly.

We don't have time to wait in such implication which everyone knows that is a big lie.

He would not even be registered as a candidate by the CEP if it was the case.

Hundred percent sure that President Martelly is Not a naturalized American no doubt about that; the only doubt will the anti Haiti let him do his works?

Second of all, concerning the sorcerers prediction that is big bs. These mafias are the one selves sorcerers predicted their anger for not having President that can puppet.

So far We are on the right track.

Others can back track, we are forward track for this movement.

They need to stop prediction about Haiti; let them predict their own games.

You don't say anything wrong, you just say it is a rumor.

Don't want to be too picky on your saying.

I appreciate your information, and looking forward to hear from you again.Good job bro, God Bless you. We don't want be against each other throat we need to unite for a common cause.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.


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