Taxing in Haiti

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If Martelly plans to tax imports in Haiti, that means that he is taxing American businesses who have for a long time had all sort of tax freebies in Haiti.

This is a dangerous undertaking and these big businesses will do everything they can to take him down. They will most surely be helped by the Haitian elite who are always in cahoots with the Americans [some exceptions exist].

Linda, April 29 2011, 5:46 PM

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Than it SHALL be a dangerous under taking for the NEW ADMINISTRATION in Haiti. This is the problem, too many FREEBIES... read more >
Cj, 30-Apr-11 3:39 pm
the elit who make billion in hait can not be tax but as a low income familly that ia working 2 jobs to take care of my... read more >
Fucks, 30-Apr-11 6:05 pm


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