Alexandre Alibaba Executive Under Micky Mouse

Markess Prospere Says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre will be the Alibaba in chief with his forty thieves under the Micky rat pillage & gaspillage festival.

With ouzy machine guns those thieves in broad daylight will put sign "Interdit aux vehicules" on street corners to steal in broadmer.

The military used to do that in Haiti under the regime of Paul Eugeune Magloire but they had the decency to wait after one o'clock in the morning to do it when 905% of the Port-au-Prick resident were sleeping or too afraid to go to the street to encounter maitre minuit, madan Gano, loup garou ou blanc nan automobile ki ta pe lance moune.

We told the business people to put camera every where to catch you guys.

Posted May 11 2011 at 3:20 AM

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