Linda, the dual citizenship law is tolerated nor accepted by...

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Linda, the dual citizenship law is tolerated nor accepted by many advanced nations that allow it. It is a law on paper but no one can use it when getting arrested in a host country.

If you can visit the U.S. Department of State's webpage or Canada Immigration Services' webpage, they will tell you to be careful on the issue of dual citizenship when facing tough situations in a host country.

Both of these webpages to name a few will give you advise on how to use this legal fiction of dual citizenship in a host country.

They don't accept it but they are forced to deal with it because it allows some citizens to invest in their countries which can grow their governments' assets.

For instance, in Haiti they expect us from the Diaspora to come to invest in Haiti after the earthquake and at the same time we are being coerced from not occupying any electoral post. As you said it before, it is a great step and we must welcome it to make it become a true reality.

Haitians in the Diaspora need to understand that they must empower Haitians in Haiti to make changes occur.

They need to step aside from politics to help Haiti in other aspects so true changes can occur.

If they want change for those people and not for themselves they should empower them with their experiences to help them stand for changes for themselves.

They need to know that they can be also the greatest beneficiaries of those changes as well as for their future generations.

However, if they want to die or shorten their life expectancy with the U.S.CIA and the economic elites of Haiti, they can get engaged in Haitian politics.

In the contrary, I am advising them to put politics aside and find other areas to help Haiti if they really want this country to move forward.

The dual citizenship is not everything but we can welcome it at least to gear toward real changes in the future.

We can change Haiti and we must strive hard to make that happen! May the Grace of the Almighty One bless you!

Toulimen Legrand, May 12 2011, 11:14 PM

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Linda, the dual citizenship law is tolerated nor accepted by many advanced nations that allow it. It is a law on paper... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 12-May-11 11:14 pm


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