Sebastien,"my faillure is your shame"meaning educates me, if i...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 3 2011, 11:24 AM

Sebastien,"my faillure is your shame"meaning educates me, if i am not educated as a Haitian brother or sister, stead of stultification or laugh at your brother/sister.

"Bon die bon li ap banm manje" se pa yon parol ayityen e Afrikin selman.

Se yon paradox, se yon myth, mize'e ak kalamite'e lag'ge nan tou't peyi ki gin pov. an Azi moun yo di, Bouda ap bayo lajan kan mem ak manje pou tou't nouvo-ne.
It's time to start reverse that mentality, by teaching that domino effect.

You can blah blah blah all year long or years, no one will understand that effect until you teach and proove them.
Nowadays people want to see, not to hear this or that.
Educations my friend, i will agreed if the Gov to force a law on the people to educates themselves.

That's the way to go.

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