Jean pierre, They are able to multiply the law will only stop...

Sebastian - May 3 2011, 10:07 AM

Jean pierre,

They are able to multiply the law will only stop hem after 2 kids.
Civilized people do not have bunch of kids that they cannot feed.
"Bondie bon la banm mange" se bagay Africain, Haitien, moun irresponsable, moun pov, moun sot.

When you said "My faillure is your SHAME" Se pou mwen retire nan income mwen pou mwen occupe ou. No way!! apa multipliye ou tap multipliye continuye multiplye.

2 pitit pat ase pou ou.

I give lots of advice never never money to people.

Because it is not your fault, if you're born with no brain.

But when you have 2 legs and to arms you need to work hard like everybody else. Songe fable "la fourmie et la cigale" je suis une fourmie

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Sebastien,"my faillure is your shame"meaning educates...

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