Dept. of cyber sanitation, Did you know about or were you...

Tiba - April 24 2011, 9:34 AM

Dept. of cyber sanitation,

Did you know about or were you familiar with an Haitin Blog Site called:

Well, that blog site was shut down because Haitians did use it that much. I can tell you that it was much better than this one. It was doing extremely well at the beginning but as years went by, it was getting worse and worse because the management started to sensor members, and many other stuff the management was doing at "haitian style and mentality."

I use many American blog sites, and what these people are saying and writing the most outrageous things way over the top that make us look like holy/saints and the most civilized of cyber space, and yet, they are not sensored nor bared from posting.

Internet is a free speech medium protected and guaranteed by the US-constitution, which means all users/bloggers living in US has the right to express themselves any way they see fit, after all, this is a political blog. People will say and write some outrageous things that are over the top that you may or may not agree with in that case you may have to launch your own private website where you can control what people say and write about.

This blog is a government blog finaced by Haiti's money for all Haitians around the world and at home to come and voice their opinion, rage, frustration, and their anger any way they see fit.

Understand one fundamental reality about this blog, if Haitians don't use it and if you keep baring Haitians from using it, it'll go down in the flame without a trace right before your eyes.

To conclude, I would advise that you find a much better way to promote this blog site in order to ecourage more Haitians to use it daily instead of trying to keep Haitians away from it.


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