Martelly is right when he said that Preval should not certify...

Windsor K. Laferiere - April 25 2011, 4:42 PM

Martelly is right when he said that Preval should not certify the elections.

What Martelly have said is a true statement.

1-The election was invalid without the participation of Lavalass Party that represent 85% of the voters.

2-Forget about Lavalass for practical and technical reason for a moment and let look at the election with Jude Celestin, Mirlande Manigat and ti Miki the degenerate.

Here again outright fraud was made to exclude Celestin.

Subsequently, fraud was perpetrated to hijack the election from Mirlande Manigat to give the chair to the ti degenerate homo. No wonder why the degenerate started his pelerinage /pilgrimage in Florida where the School, Mecca and Hollywood of deception are located that gave Bush instead of Al Gore in the so called Land of Democracy instead of Demon-cracy.

Consequently, Preval should not certify the elections because that election was rigged by the US to pick their assassins to start a genocide war in Haiti.

Therefore, Preval should not certify the election that include the ruthless degenerate Martelly.

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Hey Mr. Jack, What a formidable comment on the bloq...


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