LE Citoyen AméricainSweet MIcky peut-il être...

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LE Citoyen AméricainSweet MIcky peut-il être intronisé comme Président de la République d'Haïti?


Psychologue Henri-claude Saint-fleur, May 11 2011, 9:56 AM

Topic: The order of thing in Haiti in April 2011.

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Linda Cubana you have missed the point. We are not targeting Martelly per se. We simply said that he is a puppet, a... read more >
Grenadier A L Aussault, 11-May-11 1:32 am
See, this is why no one can take you seriously. You just called me a Cubana. Those who actually know basic facts about... read more >
Linda, 11-May-11 8:31 am
LE Citoyen AmericainSweet MIcky peut-il etre intronise comme President de la Republique d'Haiti? OuiouNon? read more >
Psychologue Henri-claude Saint-fleur, 11-May-11 9:56 am
No Linda with all due respect to you. I like the name Linda because it is a beautiful name. However, there is a Cuban... read more >
Grenadier A L Aussault, 11-May-11 2:57 pm
Linda, Why wasting your time and energy trying to rationalize with an individual that is unable to think rationally... read more >
Tiba, 11-May-11 3:15 pm
Hey little sisi Tiba do you have your pink suit and talon ki kit to go to the inauguration of your boyfriend Micky on... read more >
Det. Smith, 11-May-11 3:51 pm
We don't know that Tiba was a member in good standing in the bend over Society. Those shameful people need brain... read more >
Lamercie Dieusibon, 11-May-11 6:27 pm
This was an interesting rant about Cuba, but what does it have to do with anything that was being discussed about... read more >
Linda, 12-May-11 12:03 pm
haiti need a strong leader not a [restavek]some body who can say yes when he can say yes no when he can say no we need... read more >
Egnaud Bocicot, 13-May-11 9:22 am
Pastor Rivel Dumaine,Toulimen Legrand,Tiba,Richelle,Linda,Elsie,and to all bloggers that have concern regarding our... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 13-May-11 10:55 am
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