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Posted December 7 2009 at 10:02 PM

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Histwa Michelle Bernett La Repete Yon Fwa Anko.Haiti Fouti. Men L Paka Presidan Anko M Ap Gade Pou M We. Jr 05/13/2011
Prezidan Nou Minm Mounn Kayimit.Nou Ta Rin Vini Kominn Nan Ane 1988 Francois Lature Te Nome Iles Cayemites Quatier Communale.Min Min Kounyea Nap Mande Pou Nou Vini Commune Sete O.P.D.I.C Organisation Populaire Pour Le... Daniel Francois 02/12/2011
Vous Avez Dit Que"The Mulatto Elites In Haiti Are The Oppressors." Pourquoi Quand Un Haitien Noire Achete A Credit Chez Un Autre Haitien Noire Il Ne Lui Paie Pas. Cependant Quand Il Achetent A Credit Chez Le Syrien Ou... Linglinsou 03/27/2010
You Will Not Find Such Information But We Can Request An Audit About Preval's Management Of Haitian Treasury Before He Leaves Office At The End Of His Term. Once A Haitian President Is Good For His Economic Elites And... Claire-heureuse Flambert 03/27/2010
Haiti Does Not Pay A President Enough For Him To Accumulate One Million Dollars During His Tenure In Office. So If Preval Bought A Million Dollar House For His Current Wife That Means He Stole The Money. All... Abit Pletil 03/27/2010
Im Haitian,, And Haiti Will Never Advance Economically...No Leaders In The Country Has No Dream Or Project To Help Their Own Country,,In 2007 The President (Preval) Bought A One Million Dollar House Under His Wifes... Josh Jhonson 03/27/2010
C'est Aussi Mon Avis Laisser Le Pays Aux Jeunes Nationalistes.Mais Mr. Lucas Ignore L'analyse Est Basee Sur La Precedence De La Premiere Occupation Americaine De 1915 A 1934 Ou L'americain N'a Rien Foutu En Haiti. Et... 03/09/2010
Preval Est Incompétent,Il Doit Laisser Le Pouvoir Aux Jeunes Intellectuels Dévoués Pour Reconstruire Notre Pays. Eddy 03/09/2010
The Monkey (Preval)Just Get A Woman That's All. Or Maybe He Like Light Meat,That Is Choice. Jean Pierre 01/16/2010
Were The Previous Two Wives Too Dark For The Haitian National Palace? Well, Mother Earth Gave Her Opinion On That On January 12, 2010. Now Our National Palace Is Forced To Bow Down To The Power Of God Or The Whitening... Moumoun 01/16/2010