Linda Cubana you have missed the point. We are not targeting...

Grenadier A L Aussault - May 11 2011, 1:32 AM

Linda Cubana you have missed the point.

We are not targeting Martelly per se. We simply said that he is a puppet, a poupe toile tailored by the Americans so they could make him sign deals to give part of our territory to the American for 100 years like they did for Guantanamo in Cuba; to allow American companies to take over our mineral in return for next to nothing.

Sweet mickey is not even vice president yet he is talking about taxing the poor Haitians 5 cents per minutes for phone calls.

This is a kick back to the phone company that financed his candidacy.

It is the same cell phone company that have a lot of problem in Senegal because it is trying to ripping off the people there tete kale.
Right now it is Bill Clinton and Bourik Charge that are running the show in Haiti.

They gave threatens order to Preval to remove Celestin and to put Martelly; If Martelly blink when they will give him orders, they will send the DEA jeweler after him with gold bracelets as unpleasant present as they did with Manuel Noriega in Panama.

They will make this vice president signing all kind of advantageous deals to the Americans from left to right.

None of those unfair, imperialist deals will be in the interest of Haiti.

Mark my words.

Qui vivra vera.
Vive Haiti, Abas les Amerequins.

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Bill Clinton is the defacto president of Haiti. Sweet Micky is the vice president, literally, figuratively and...

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