I bet you that the American will compell Sweet Micky to build...

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I bet you that the American will compell Sweet Micky to build more jails, prisons,gendarmes, spies,leopards and macoutes rather than build schools, universities and hospital.

If Haiti change for the better in 5 or 10 years, the Americans might start promoting military confrontation between Haiti and Dominican republic.

By the way Sarah Palin visited Haiti recently.

I heard that they are advertising for Alaska water in the Haitian radio in Haiti.

I don't know if there is a connection or the cholera.

People in USA started to drink water in plastic bottle instead from tap water during the beginning of the Golf war in 1990.They wanted money to financed the Iraq war they bring the propaganda that Sadam Hussein was about to poison the water thereby, scaring people and compel them to buy "Safe water"
So now big business might be behind the cholera waiting to make their moves.

Luc Pierre, April 21 2011, 2:57 PM

Topic: Contract for Tanks,Machine guns,warplanes,jail construction underway

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Toulimen, 21-Apr-11 1:25 pm
I bet you that the American will compell Sweet Micky to build more jails,prisons,gendarmes,spies,leopards and macoutes... read more >
Luc Pierre, 21-Apr-11 2:57 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 21-Apr-11 3:25 pm
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Duvalierist De 1ere Heure, 21-Apr-11 6:20 pm


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