Long Overdue: End of Haitian's Prime Minister To Presidentialism Type

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We should all support Stevens Benoit's proposed amendment to change the European Prime Minister's model of government that has failed Haiti over the past 26 years to a classic presidential one with a vice president like the Dominican Republic, all Latin American countries, the United States and Mexico to name a few.All those regimes in the Arab World are trying to bring into their constitution some regime changes by suppressing the prime minister's regime model.

We need to change the regime status quo in Haiti because the Duvalierist Louis Roy's regime model has failed in Haiti.

After Duvalier comes another Duvalier's era, and we need to break with the Duvalierist era to move Haiti forward.

This blog manager is a Duvalierist himself and he will try many ways to divide all of you guys. Stay focused on one ultimate goal which is to liberate HAITI from those monsters.

We must bring the fight to the CIA's criminal network, the mercantile elites, the kidnappers, the old soldiers involving in kidnapping activities and not all as well as MINUSTAH in HAITI.

Enough is enough and we must fight hard for a regime change in HAITI to bring those demon forces under our control to liberate HAITI.

Don't be discouraged at all Jean, Dumaine, Tiba, Linda, Marjory MIDDY, Samba, Petrus, Carlos, Leblanc, Joubert, Serge and others.

We will fight them and we will win ok!

Toulimen Legrand, April 21 2011, 5:43 PM

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