Division Is A Survival Tool of the Rich to Colonize the Poor

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We spend more time arguing about things that can make the rich becoming richer instead of focusing on real things to better our lives.

Arguing about Jean-Claude Duvalier and Aristide will not bring us anywhere.

Both are enjoying their luxury homes in Haiti filled with all types of foods to eat. The owner of this blog is happy and feels energized when s/he realizes that we are fighting each other about past former governments that preceded the Martelly's administration.

I believe that many of you are suffering with allergy, stomach ulcers, acid reflux, flatulence gases, gallbladder diseases, kidney failures, prostate cancer, herpes, vaginal yeast infection and many more to name a few.

Some of you cannot spend a day without drinking addictive allergy junk pills over the counter to get some relief or those who have insurance are using non addictive relief pills for 24 hours a day. May be you don't ask yourselves why should you be on pill every day for diseases that are curable?

While you are fighting against each other the owner of this blog and the destroyers of the Haitian civilization and culture are replacing natural cures to conventional treatments by making more Haitians dependent on palliative junk medicines bought from the G-8 countries.

Can Jean-Claude and Aristide stop them in their quest of changing our traditionalist medicinal cures to the conventional ones?

Yes, they can with your help, but if we keep fighting against each other, they will not be able to do so. Both of them have learned of the mistakes of the past and they want to unite and heal the country while the owner of this blog wants you to fight against each other to serve his or her own interests.

For those diseases earlier cited, you can improve your lives by researching more about them on the blog and in other private databases to improve your lifestyle.

I could have shed some light about them but the owner of this blog has put my name on the CIA's target list to get me killed.

He kept calling me anonymously and threatening to death.

I have forwarded his messages to the State Department as asked for so I could get some protection.

I was asked not to continue to increase awareness on this blog but I told the U.S. State Department that I prefer dying for serving others instead of enjoying a good life for myself only. I was born to help others better their lives and they can kill me any time they want, for I am dying every day in this country.

Listen my good fellow bloggers, the foods that you are eating in this country are filled with a lot of contaminants well designed to make you develop all types of cancer if you are not careful.

Those foods whether they are organic or conventional are filled with a lot radioactive agents on them. They always maintain the level of radioactivity is not that high so people would not panic, but if you have friends living in Asian countries they will tell you about that. In order to feel safe and not to be sorry, I am urging you to research the 131 Uses of Vinegar and Baking Soda as known as Bicarbonate of Soda, and alkalinized fruits versus acidic fruits.

Believe me after researching all those topics, you will save yourselves and others and you will not be the same anymore.

Many of your bothersome diseases as listed previously will be cured and you will feel different.

Stay away from futile discussions conducted by this blog owner to divert you from focusing on the most important aspects of your lives.

What Haiti needs now is unity and reconciliation to heal all Haitians.

The Almighty One will do the rest and stop focusing on worthless things.

Show to the world that we are civilized people and we can have respectful and fruitful dialog to enable others to save their lives.

I love you all and even the evildoers who are trying to divide you more on this blog. May my blood spread over their bullheads to save Haiti! I will die soon but I will save my people from dying.

It is written that I will suffer social injustices from the hands of evildoers but the Almighty One will restore me while calling me for a better place to live. My spirit will watch over my country and my people and it will fight evildoers in their hatred actions and internal divisions.

The U.S.CIA has spent more money to kill and divide Haitians than helping them in building an independent country for themselves.

Remember, the survival tool of the rich after concentrating all economic resources into their hands is division, and the more we are divided and the poorer we will be. We have been divided for 26 years and that made us become the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and if we continue on this path we will be the poorest country of the World after Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia to name a few among the ten world poorest countries.

I hope you enjoy my lecture and warnings despite the actions of this blog evildoer!

Toulimen Legrand, April 24 2011, 3:16 PM

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