The white man translated the word "Chimere" for "Ghost." I am...

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The white man translated the word "Chimere" for "Ghost."

I am asking you people in this blog who are languistice experts and scholars, is this the right, the correct translation/meaning of the word/term "chimere?"

Why is it every time the white man gives a borgus and idiotic translation of the Haitian language, the Creole as a way to dihumanize it and depictate it in the worst way imaginable, no one ever come forward to tell the white his wrong on the translation.

In the video, the white man said that "Chimere" means "Ghost" is that true?

A couple of years ago, under Aristide,'s regime, there was a constant call to the Haitian people to remain "Vigilant", but the white American media kept insisting that Aristide was calling on his supporters to be "Vigilante."

Why do Haitians remain so passive and are so afraid confronting the white man everytime they misuse the Creole Language and misinterpreting it?

Imagine someone gives the wrong interpretation to the use of any English word by the president of the United States?

The media and the American people would come down on you so hard, you wouldn't know what hit you.

For everybody's and every white persons' information out there, you all must know that the word or term "Chimere" does NOT mean "Ghost", and "Vigilant" does NOT mean "Vigilante."

Tiba, April 30 2011, 8:27 AM

Topic: Anybody watched "GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL"

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Linda, 1-May-11 7:13 pm


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