Marriage proposal 05-14-2010

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41 y/o Afro Haitian with Master Degree in Computer Sciences and a Master Degree in Business Administration has good income, secure employment and 7 figures in USD in the bank. Interested in meeting an Indo-Haitian or Arab-Haitian between the age of 20 y/o up to 30 y/o. for possible marriage.

She must speaks Haitian, Spanish,French, English,Arabic and completed secondary school in Haiti.She must be a virgin, faithful and submissive.

She must know how to cook, how to dress and able to keep the house tidy. If interested, reply on Preval blog by saying: ie My name is any name will do. Then I will open a temporary e-mail address and phone for you to contact me.

Alcius Morenglad, May 14 2010, 12:01 AM

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My name is Nahid. Yes, I want to meet you to kick your ass dirty bastard. Don't worry we will get you. read more >
Nahid, 14-May-10 12:28 am
This is a typical archaic Haitian male chauvinist pig. I hope this add is a joke and not for real.Where you going to... read more >
Suzette, 14-May-10 7:00 am
You should take your stupid add to a freaking Arb or Indian matrimonial agency or to a shrink doctor m.f. read more >
Shanika Johnson, 14-May-10 7:06 am
I think those of you who get so out of shaped about the personal ad need to cool off before you blow a gasket. Take a... read more >
Tiba, 14-May-10 7:53 am
I have two females dogs for both of you. one from India the other from Algeria. Both are docile and speaks all... read more >
Dog Owner, 14-May-10 8:25 am
Dog Owner, I really don't think you are worth living in this world anymore for you are too close minded, brainless... read more >
Tiba, 14-May-10 8:47 am
At 41 y/o don't you think that you are too old for a 2o y/o woman. Inferior you got 7 figures money in the bank,now... read more >
Pharah Pierre, 14-May-10 3:50 pm
My name is Azra. I am a 28 y/o Haitian-born. My great grand father and great grand mother immigrated to Haiti from... read more >
Azra, 15-May-10 1:39 am
ko lannget man mam rou san zave. mim restavek lakay moin pas besoin ou. read more >
Jeanne, 15-May-10 3:18 pm
HELLO from mary My name is miss mary godwill I am interested in your friendship, I would also like to know something... read more >
Mary, 1-May-11 1:59 am
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