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The five well known flatters, parasites professional and ti grand gou on Preval blog be aware that AgentX is back on the blog

Posted April 30 2011 at 2:09 PM

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Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...Dirty Cop, Are You Sure? You Are Not The Boy That Aristide Molested? I Can Never Work For A Bastard Like Aristide, Not In This Life. Go To The Nearest Donut Shop.Reply To Msg 28423 Posted... Agent X 05/01/2011
Dirty Cop,Are You Sure? You Are Not The Boy That Aristide Molested? I Can Never Work For A Bastard Like Aristide,Not In This Life. Go To The Nearest Donut Shop. Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/01/2011
I Know You Are Dim Witted That Is Why I Classified You Among My Not So Intelligent Officers. In Time Of Peace I Could Use You As The Assistant Of The Assistant Doorman Or Assistant Of The Assistant Watchman. Lets Be... Agent X 05/01/2011
Dirty Cop,That Movement Is Bigger Than You And The Rest Of Your Monkeys. I Am Telling You Again That Fucking Kitchen Will Be Too Hot For Your Asshole Twin Brother To Stay In It.Preval Already Agreed To Be A Doorman... Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/01/2011
Chassez Le Naturel, Il Revient Au Galop.Vos Parents Etaient Des Macoutes Assassins. Vous Etiez Un Assassin Macoute Encor En Bas Age Au Service Sanguinaire Des Amer-Requins Qunand Ils Massacraient La Jeunesse... Agent X 05/01/2011
Dirty Cop,You And Aristide,Haiti Need You Guys To Serve And Protect In The New Army. I All Ready Sign Your Transfer To Haiti,As For Your Twin Asshole Brother Aristide,A Team Will Pick Him Up In Due Time,Stay Put For My... Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/01/2011
Dirty Cop,Don't Push It Too Much,I Have Your Sea Cockroach Aristide In My Shit List For Extermination. Your Good For Nothing "Aristide" Is Down And Will Stay Down On His Knees Forever Until His Death. Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/01/2011
Hey B Careplus. A Tout Seigneur Tout Honneur.L'honorable Benifacteur Du Peuple Haitien,Son Excellence Jean Bertrand Aristide. Il Faudra Lui Adresser En Ces Termes. Agentx 05/01/2011
Dirty Cop,I Can See You Back And Well.Jury Duty? Or A Satanic Cult Meeting With Aristide? Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/30/2011