I know you are dim witted that is why I classified you among...

Agent X - May 1 2011, 4:20 PM

I know you are dim witted that is why I classified you among my not so intelligent officers.

In time of peace I could use you as the assistant of the assistant doorman or assistant of the assistant watchman.

Lets be clear about that.You are not qualify to shine Aristide shoes.

While you will be helping the assistant of the assistant watchman, I will give you some food for thought to keep you busy. What happened to the doctor that invented the guillotine?

My dog probably will figure out the answer more quickly than you or perhaps you will learn in the hard way. Sometime what you want for your opponent usually come to you much faster and by the same people that you are supporting.

I am not the Delphy but you are probably heading this way.

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