Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...Dirty cop, are you sure? you are...

Agent X - May 1 2011, 10:10 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...Dirty cop, are you sure?

you are not the boy that Aristide molested?

I can never work for a bastard like Aristide, not in this life. Go to the nearest donut shop. Reply to Msg 28423 posted 5/1/11 8:38 PM =

Agent X Sharp Response
I don't know you in person.

However, I could made some inference about your psychological makeup based on what you wrote.

Based on your above pathetic degenerate psychological preoccupation, I am inclined to infer that you are projecting yourself to other because the memory of your molestation from your past is an incubus on your mind and will continue to haunting your forever.

As an avowed ex macoute and supporter of the military and the macoute establishment, most Haitians have heard about act of homo erectus during the Duvalier regime and the military at higher level and had some dire consequences for some of them circa 1957-1986.

Being exposed to an environment of homo erectus with the macouto-militario at a tender and impressionable age, will normally become an everlasting fixation for you that forcing you to see the world in term of homo erectus.

Your world is shattered forever and it is topsy turvy for you .That is why you are perceiving Son Excellence Aristide as a bastard while you see cross dressers, exhibitionists, people that are prone to explosive disorder, short fuse, temper and anger management difficulties, pants and zip management, etc as honorable This is by no accident that you have been supporting such people for emotional reasons.

Tout ce qui se ressemble s'assemble.

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Dirty cop,are you sure? you are not the boy that...


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