Reconciliation Must Start This Saturday May 14th!

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On May 14, the Inaugural Speech must set the tone for the beginning of Reconciliation, pride, and hope for Haitians.

The burden would be on the new president to prove himself about his leadership.

Reconciliation will never take shape or possible unles ALL HAITIANS feel belong.

The speech must call for all Haitians to be treated with respect and as "FIRST CLASS" citizens.

On Saturday May 14, Martelly must demand his government to treat all Haitians with respect, dignity, integrity, and as first class citizens, and they will have to respond to him if they fail.

Saturday May 14 will be the RIGHT time for Martelly to present his government's short-term and long-term agenda/program for the country.

There are also some things that Martelly must put in place and repeal by presidential decree on May 14th.

Martelly must tell the country what he intends to accomplish in the first 100 days in office.

Saturday's inagural speech could be the beginning of the end of Martelly's presidency or the beginning of his government's success.

That speech will set light on Martelly's leadership.

Martelly must mention any plans he may have on the good faiht of all old contracts signed between the previous governments and private enterprises/corporations/companies, etc..

The time has come for Martelly to show to the world but more specially to the Haitian people about the difference that exist between him and those who came before him.

After all, he (Martelly) was one of the biggest critics of the previous government's incompetence and mediocrity.

He even wrote songs about all the incompetence and mediocrity of the past governments.

Sweet Micky (Tet Kale), Saturday will be the day for you to show us all the difference between you and the others.

I'll be right here if you need me!

Go get them tiger!

Tiba, May 11 2011, 3:43 PM

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