Preval/Bellerive's Haiti, a land of disgrace and shame!

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I while back I posted something on this blog about Haitians applying for Haitian Passports, which is the most disgraceful, shameful, and humiliating process that any human being has to experience under the blue sky.

Well, I have a little update on this disgusting process that I'd like to share with you all.

My friend who is trying to bring hi son to the US called me with this update.

Please bare with me!

I had already told you all that my friend's son lives in Cap-Haitian, in the north and he had to take this long anf torturous trip to P-A-P to apply for the stupid passport, which is valid only for 5 years.

The passport alone costs $250 US plus he had to pay extra for meal, taxi, and lodging.

He was told that the passport would take 6 weeks (month and half) to get ready, and therefore, he could come in May 10 to pick it up.

My friend just told me that his son went to P-A-P since Saturday May 7th and went to pick-up the passport yesterday 5/10 and was told to come back today 5/11. He went this morning 5/11 to pick-up the stupid passport and to his big surprise he was told that the stupid was not ready and no one in that office would tell him when to come back or if he will ever have the passport.

Keep in mind the guy had already paid $250 US for the passport.

According to the infortmation on how business is done in that disgrace and shameful country of Preval/Bellerive, it doesn't matter if a customer already paid the full amount for the service, unless the customer pays some additional money under the table to those who are working behind the desk, there will not be any passport delivered to anyone.

So now, my friend must send another big chunk of money to his son in Haiti in order to bribe those moronic mercenaries who work in the passport bureau as the only solution to get the passport.

This is the Haiti we (the diaspora) have been supporting all those years.

These people have a profound jealousy for everyone trying to leave and they way they thing is that if you have the money to get a passport to leave the country, your diaspora relatives who are bringing you to US must be loaded with money, and therefore, we have to have our share of that money.

All of this money is shared between the director of the passport bureau, Preval, and Bellerive.

Don't these despicable worms have any pride and self-respect at all?

Would and could Martelly fix this illish country that is so filled with thieves?

Where is the conscience in these people?

How do Bellerive and Preval sleep at night?

Tiba, May 11 2011, 2:26 PM

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